by KDIF Radio

KDIF 102.9 FM needs financial support to continue to be a platform for local voices who shape our communities. This limited-time campaign comes with special benefits for individuals, couples, and families who donate $102.90.

Our Mission

To build and operate a non-profit community radio station in South Phoenix that serves as a platform to foster social change. We work to promote the health, safety, economic security and agency of South Phoenicians by amplifying local art, conversation and cultural celebration. 

Why Support KDIF?
Did you know 90% of what we read, watch or listen to are controlled by fewer than 10 corporations; none of which are in Phoenix? That is why we are here. KDIF builds community engagement and brave spaces where people from different backgrounds and perspectives come together to authentically express themselves. 

We are a media outlet that is hyper-local, bilingual, multicultural and grounded in the expressed needs, desires, and knowledge of our community.

We use radio to engage new and unheard voices from Central City South and South Phoenix. These voices are residents, artists, and organizers who come from the neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations that shape our communities. 

Become a Founding Member!

Founding Members are individuals who support KDIF's mission and values. These individuals will receive special benefits and become part of the bedrock of this community platform.

Businesses, organizations, or families interested in supporting KDIF should check out our Founding Sponsors campaign for special benefits.

Founding Member Benefits
  • Permanent name recognition on the KDIF Studio Founders' Wall.
  • Opportunity to access KDIF studio equipment and production assistance to make your own programming.
  • On-air "shout outs" for one month and one song request.
  • Notification of KDIF events, musical performances, artist showcases, and social movements impacting our community.